Band Shoe Ordering 

Every student will need the same band shoes. If your student has shoes from last season and they still fit then feel free to use them. If not you will need to place an order for new shoes. We will NOT be placing a bulk order this year.

Please go to Band Shoes Link to Order to order band shoes. This is where you can order your student’s band shoes.

Sizing is based on your student’s sneaker size. The deadline for your student to bring them into school is Wednesday, 9/6/2023.

Show Shirts Are In!

Show shirts will be on sale at the end of practice on Thursday and during drop-off on Saturday.  They will also be on sale at the bake sale table at the home show.  Shirts will be $15.00 each. 

Pre-payment can also be made on the DSMA websit, but please bring your email receipt when picking up your shirt(s).