Dartmouth is a highly-diversified community nestled along the shores of Buzzards Bay. Our Town is defined by qualities including historic villages, a beautiful undeveloped coastline, a modern university and a harbor to entice any avid yachtsman.

The Dartmouth Public School’s mission of providing Quality Learning for All, is focused on requiring and supporting higher levels of achievement from all students. Because of this, our students gain recognition in many fields.

The Dartmouth School Music Association (DSMA) is a not-for-profit organization of friends of the Dartmouth Schools’ music programs. For more than 25 years, the DSMA has been providing vital support to the entire music program of the Dartmouth Schools. When budget cuts threatened school music programs, DSMA acted to ensure their survival; as a result, music programs in Dartmouth schools are stronger than ever!

Each year, DSMA works hard to:

• Showcase Dartmouth’s championship Band and Color Guard in local competitions by providing funding for additional support staff (drill and Color Guard instructors, music arrangers), sheet music, band uniform repair, Color Guard uniforms, props, additional transportation funds for out-of-town competitions, entrance fees, etc.

• Provide $8,000-$10,000 in scholarships each year to college-bound seniors who participate in high school music programs.

• Assist with music programs at middle school and elementary levels.

• Fund registration fees for music festivals.

• Provide hands-on support to various activities of the Music Department, including sewing Color Guard costumes and flags, building props, maintaining the equipment truck, and providing essential volunteer man- and woman-power to produce local and national competitions.

Every student who wants to participate in school music programs can do so, regardless of their economic situation, because DSMA is there to help! Our diligent volunteers work on many different fronts to provide the support needed for these kids to attain their goals.

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