Information For Families

Our families are our students strongest supporters! They help move props, create costumes, staff concessions stands, chaperone trips, and most importantly, help keep our kids safe!

The DSMA maintains a wealth of information for our families about the organization, including our by-laws, music packets, uniform care instructions, volunteer opportunities, and more. We also allow families to make payments for trips, costumes, shirts, and fundraisers directly to the DSMA through our website.

Here you will find forms and paperwork for our music families. Many of the forms may need to be printed out and returned; please check the instructions on each form for more information on how they need to be completed and submitted.

Make Student Payments

Families may use the button below to make payments due to the DSMA. These payments may include:

  • Trip payments for New Jersey or Dayton
  • Show shirt payments
  • Costume payments
  • Field trip payments

PLEASE NOTE! Families should not use the below button to make Town Fee payments due at the beginning of each season. Those payments should be made directly to the Town of Dartmouth, not the DSMA. Please refer to your student’s paperwork for more information on how to make those payments directly to the town. Thank you for your attention to this.

Pay Student Fees