2022 sponsorships for our marching band and indoor groups is now open for enrollment!

In 2019, tens of thousands of people throughout New England and the east coast all the way to Dayton, OH saw the logos of our corporate sponsors on our trucks as they traveled to competitions. All three of our show shirts also featured logos from our sponsors, and those shirts have proudly been worn all over the world (yes, the world!).

Please note that this represents a HUGE opportunity for assessments – each sponsorship nets a 25% assessment for trips, including Dayton for all three indoor groups. A $1000 sponsorship would earn a student $250 in assessments as an example. This is a fantastic way for families to earn money toward the trips while also helping to fund the programs, all of which will may have higher costs this year due to higher materials costs for props and costumes, as well as higher transportation costs. 

For more information about making a tax-deductible donation, please visit our Sponsorship page right now. Sponsorship is only open for enrollment until January 15, 2022!