DSMA Scholarship Ad – Due Sept 13

It is time for the DSMA Scholarship Ad Book! We have 2 home shows this year and the first one is October 2. You will still be getting the packet with all the information at the yearly BBQ on Thursday, August 26.

All proceeds from the selling of the Ad Book go directly to the DSMA Scholarship Fund. You earn 25% of the ad price for your child’s assessment account that can be put towards the cost of trips (MetLife in November). The remaining 75% of the ad price goes to the Scholarship Fund. Placing an ad in the Ad Book is one of the requirements to be eligible for a scholarship. It can be any size/price ad. Students need to participate for 3 years, one of those being senior year

ull page DSMA ad book sample
Sample full page ad


We are asking that all ads be submitted digitally this year. You can either create the ad using your favorite app or I have templates for Google Drawings linked below. We also have a how-to video for using Google Drawings. If you are using your own app please make sure you use the dimensions listed below.

Steps to submit your ad:

  1. Fill out the Ad Book Order Form (a print version will be in the packet)
  2. Create your ad (see links below for templates and samples)
  3. Email your ad to suebenoitdsma@gmail.com
  4. Pay online (cash/check can be put in a labeled envelope in the DSMA box located in the DHS music office)

Ad price and size:

  • Full page $100, 8.5″ x 11″
  • Half page $50, 8.5” x 5.25”
  • Quarter page $30, 4” x 5.25”
  • Business card $25
  • Sponsor name $10