We are planning on a number of exciting fundraisers this coming year to help replace all of the funds that we weren’t able to raise over the past year. In the meantime, Gillette still remains the largest fundraiser we have, and will play a big part in helping pay for props, additional costume fees, truck maintenance, and more this year.

A giant THANK YOU to: Mr. Flint, Mr. Nunes, Addison & Chloe, who have all signed up for shifts to help raise money for our students.

Our entire schedule is available to sign up for, please visit to sign up for a shift. Remember – if every family signs up for just 2 shifts over the entire year, our whole schedule would be fully staffed. This not only raises a lot of money, but also qualifies us for additional bonuses we don’t get if we under staff the booth.

Questions about volunteering? Please contact Sue Benoit at