DSMA Nominations for 2020/2021 Now Open

DSMA members were emailed last week with nomination forms for the 2020/2021 Executive Board as well as committee positions. All members in good standing have been sent the nomination form that needs to be returned to Laura Edgcomb (lauraedgcomb@dsmahome.org), our Nominations Chair.

Any member in good standing is welcome to nominate themselves for any position listed on the nominations form.

As of right now, the following positions are open for 2020/2021, meaning the person currently in that role is not running for re-election, or the position is currently not held.

  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Publicity Chair
  • Properties Chair
  • Decorating Chair

Again, any DSMA member is good standing is welcome to nominate themselves for any position or committee chair. If you have any questions about the process, please email Laura Edgcomb (lauraedgcomb@dsmahome.org) and she will be happy to help.

To help our members learn more about all of the positions listed in our by-laws, here’s an easy to read breakdown of all positions in the DSMA!


1. The President runs DSMA meetings and is also a member of all committees (except for the Nominating Committee). The President also works together with the Director of Music to ensure the board and committees are working together to help properly support the program and students. Other duties include presenting information on fundraising efforts to the School Committee, arranging all travel and lodging for the different groups throughout the year, communicating with various group directors on budget, uniform, and prop/equipment requests, and working with families to help ensure their students are getting the most out of the Dartmouth music programs.

2. The Vice President helps to coordinate volunteers and chaperones for all events, including weekly competitions as well as the annual fall and winter home shows. The Vice President will also perform the duties of the President if they are unable to.

3. The Recording Secretary keeps the records and minutes of DSMA meetings throughout the year.

4. The Corresponding Secretary communicates with DSMA members and families to provide program information and updates. Communication is primarily done via email and includes updates to the families and students from music staff, weekly itineraries, notices of upcoming meetings and more. The Corresponding Secretary also maintains the DSMA membership list and helps coordinate membership renewals as well as new member signups. 

5. The Treasurer handles all of the financials for the DSMA. This includes organizing student trip payments, monies collected at competitions, football games and concerts, and working with the various music groups to make sure their items are paid for (including costumes, props, etc.). The Treasurer will also work with the DSMA’s accountant to prepare required financial disclosure forms periodically throughout the year. The position mostly utilizes Quickbooks to enter and report financial data for the DSMA.

6. The Nominating Chair is responsible for the annual nominations and membership voting for elected DSMA positions. This includes putting together the nominations form, working with the Corresponding Secretary to send notice of elections out to DSMA membership, and organizing member voting at the annual meeting in June to elect new board members.

7. The Ways & Means Chair organizes all of the fundraising for the DSMA. This includes working with vendors to arrange fundraisers, organizing community help for raffle table items, communicating fundraising information to the music staff and families, and providing student fundraising assessment information to the DSMA Treasurer. 


1. Publicity: The work of this committee is to coordinate all outside publicity for the DSMA, which includes working with local media outlets to promote the music groups, upcoming concerts, notable events and more.

2. Decorating: The work of this committee is to decorate for the concerts, programs, dances and other events of the DSMA as needed.

3. Scholarship: The work of this committee is to award DSMA scholarships to qualifying seniors each year. The Scholarship Committee also plans and organizes the annual Pops Concert, which is a fundraiser for the DSMA Scholarship Fund.

4. Uniforms: The work of this committee is to distribute, collect and maintain uniforms. They will also keep accurate records and with the appointed staff member, inspect and enforce proper uniform maintenance prior to each performance. Uniform committee members may also be called upon to assist with emergency uniform fit or repair issues prior to performances.

5. Properties: The work of this committee is to keep an inventory of and maintain all of the equipment and property of the Association. This includes updating maintenance records for DSMA vehicles, arranging rental trucks for long-distance competitions, coordinating repairs to DSMA-maintained concession properties, and more.

6. Concessions: The work of this committee is to staff and maintain the concession stands operated by the Association. This includes ordering food from vendors, organizing menus, and arranging volunteers to work at the concession stands for football games and competitions. This committee also helps organize concessions activities at our home shows as well as the annual Pops Concert.

7. Website: The work of this committee is to update and maintain the DSMA web page (www.dsmahome.org), update the DSMA Facebook page with upcoming events, competition scores, staff updates and more, and to maintain the public DSMA events sign currently located outside of Town Hall.

8. Gillette: The work of this committee is to coordinate DSMA volunteers for all shifts at our food service stand at Gillette Stadium. This includes arranging the schedule and volunteer lists with Gillette staff, communicating upcoming events that require staffing with band membership, sending event details to volunteers, and working with the Treasurer to tabulate Gillette earnings and student assessments.