Indoor Percussion

2017 World Class Performance
“Emotional Rollercoaster”

February 25th NESBA show at Dartmouth (Home Show)
Score: 88.80  First Place

March 4th WGI Regional at Trumbull, CT
Score: 87.40  First Place

March 11th NESBA Show at Dartmouth
Score: 91.00  First Place

March 18th NESBA Show at Triton Regional HS
Score: 93.10  First Place

March 19th NESBA Show at Somerset/Berkley
Score: 93.15  First Place

March 25th MAC Regional Show at Newtown HS
Score: 94.80  First Place

March 25th USBands Show at Stratford, CT
Score: 95.550  First Place

April 8th NESBA Finals at Salem, MA
Score: 99.2  Scholastic Marching World Champions

April 22nd WGI Finals at Dayton, OH
Score: 94.500, Fifth Place Scholastic World, WGI Fan Favorites

2016 World Class Performance

February 20th NESBA show at Dartmouth (Home Show)
Score: 85.70  First Place

February 27th WGI Regional at Trumbull, CT
Score: 87.80  First Place

March 6th NESBA Show at Cranston HS East
Score: 91.55  First Place

March 12th NESBA Show at Triton Regional HS
Score: 93.50  First Place

March 13th NESBA Show at Somerset/Berkley
Score: 94.65  First Place

2015 World Class Performance

February 21st NESBA at Dartmouth (Home Show)
Score: 85.9

February 28th WGI Show at Trumbull High
Score: 91.35

March 3rd NESBA Show at Dover High
Score: 93.65

March 14th USBands Show at Westhill High
Score: 93.45

March 14th MAC Show at Shelton High
Score: 93.2

March 21st NESBA Show Reading Sr. High
Score: 94.55
First Place

March 28th NESBA Championships at Dartmouth High
Score: 97.0
First Place

2014 World Class Performance

“The Scandalous Life of Marie Antoinette”

New Bedford Standard Times  – April 15, 2014

The Road to the World Championship:

February 22nd NESBA Dartmouth
Score: 86.55 First Place

February 23rd NESBA Blackstone Millville
Score: 87.00 First Place

March 1st WGI Regional, Trumbull, CT
Score: 93.1 First Place

March 9th NESBA, Dover, NH

Score: 93.65 First Place

March 15th NESBA, Mansfield, MA

Score: 95.7  First Place

March 22nd NESBA, Melrose, MA

Score:  97.2  First Place

March 23rd NESBA, Shepherd Hill, MA

Score: 97.15 First Place

March 30th NESBA Finals

Score: 97.65 First Place

April 12, 2014 – WGI World Championships, Dayton, OH

Score:  98.238 First Place – World Champions

Winner of the Fan’s Favorite Trophy

Click here to see the Dartmouth Chronicle article from April 16, 2014